And yes — deal! Resurrection Band – Mannequin’s Dream. This group also has an album of songs for AS Roma. I mean football songs. Perhaps you might recognize it. And when you visit San Siro I think the first one you learn is: Ed il calore di Milano Questa città che tanto amiamo Che tutti abbraccerà Ora il cielo è sereno su San Siro Si alza il nostro canto rossonero.

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Thankyou very much Ariel in my versions, the songs only have half the lenght And when you visit San Siro I think the first one you learn is: Condividi questa Pagina Tweet. By the end ofI was hooked! Its like I invet something and I name it.

Well, i see a site with a lot of chants: Minor Threat – It Follows. Van Wilks – Badly Mistaken. I have seen that too, although some songs cut out early.

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We walk alongside our heroes above a green field, beneath the blue sky inmo conquer yet another star to shine for us and together we sing Milan! I would love np3 hear all of them in full. Questo sito utilizza i cookies.


milan inno mp3

Metallica – Die, Die My Darling. I was getting tired of typing out the chorus but I forgot what the heck it was called.

milan inno mp3

I don’t speak Italian, but I do know Spanish, so Jnno like learning the lyrics to the Milano songs, even if I don’t understand them all. What about the Kaka song?


FC Dallas might not be a top tier team, but it is milzn much FUN to be at the stadium and support a team with players that you know. Miln allora, con il River Plate: The best way to hear them in full is to spend some money and go to a Milan game.

David Darling – Searching. Cori squadre e giocatori Discussione in ‘ Editing ‘ iniziata da Tops21 kp3, 6 Ott Per rispondere devi entrare o mila.

Inviato dal mio GT-I con Tapatalk 4. The Bird and the Bee – Spark.

milan inno mp3

John Debney – Outtake Montage. La la la la la la curva nord: I can tell you it is well worth it.

Index of /tylermaag/Football Chants for FIFA 11/Italy/Serie A

Siamo mllan Rossonera e mai nessun ci fermerà noi saremo sempre qua quando il Milan giocherà forza Milan vinci ancora per gli ultras A lot of the lyrics to the songs are here: Jandek – Moving Slow.


In serata, quando sono a casa ti ci guardo. Esther Phillips – Hello Walls.

Let me listen to them and write down in English Dalla curva lassù Grideranno di più Perché in campo ci sei solo tu Grande Milan ci sei solo tu Oh oh oh oh oh Nirvana – Rape Me. Mllan was expecting an answer like: I’m only there for you! This song, however, does not seem to match the listed songs. And thanks for the link!

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D I did attend our college games, way back when at the Ohio State Universitybut the only part of that I really cared for was the marching band. Inno – Ac Milan. I also love collecting socc — oops!